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Hospital at home

HOSPITALIA is e-health services marketplace that connects patients with multiple in-home healthcare including access to top tier health care providers and organizations either through home visits or virtual consultations.

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Unmatched Seamless and Unique Experience

1. Choose Service

Book online, with the app, or by phone. no waiting to start treatment. Pick the day and time range that works best for you, From the comfort and safety of your home.

2. Get Matched

Get a call from our 24/7 hotline within minutes, Confirming that you got matched with an expert medical provider specializing in your condition for every appointment and medical condition.

3. Get Care

Your caregiver will come to your home as scheduled, can order labs, write prescriptions, and refer you to specialists, making it convenient for you to get remote care from the comfort of your own home, there’s plenty of time to talk and to develop a plan of care.

4. Get Well

With an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality care, we deploy stringent care protocols and clinical quality-assurance programs, transforming the healthcare experience and empowering people everywhere to lead healthier lives.

Continuous Support
Seamless Experience
Premium Quality
Patient centric
Cost effective

Integrated Home Healthcare Services

Hospitalia is the only platform in MENA provides holistic outpatient approach delivering end to end healthcare services. We serve 75% of your needs  by connecting you to doctors, nurses, physiotherapists even Radiology and lab services, at the comfort of your home


Top-tier Healthcare providers

Partnering up with leading hospitals, experienced doctors, nurses, diagnostic centers, and others to improve health outcomes for patients as well as profitability for our partners

Dr. Mohamed Maamoon
Membership of Royal college for general practitioners
Egyptian fellowship of Family medicine.
Arab diploma of family medicine
Dr. Ahmed Badawy
Family Medicine Specialist
Dr. Karim Darwish
Psychiatry and Neurology Specialist
Dr. Raed Al Ashkar
Orthopedics specialist
Master of Orthopedics and Spine Surgery - Ain Shams university
Dr. Mohamed Soliman
Dermatology specialist
Dermatology and venereology diploma - Al Azhar university
Laser application diploma
Dr. Michael Wagdy
Vascular surgery specialists
More than 250+ licensed healthcare providers
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Care providers


Home Visits



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What Our Customers Say ?

We’re excited to reinvent how people in MENA are experiencing health and well-being through delivering innovative integrated, personalized home healthcare services our creative journey is to help people smile and feel good every day, and we are excited about our potential to truly transform the healthcare services .

Good service, high trusted experts, very good experience to have

Sherien El Klesly

they are professionals and very friendly with patients and excellent service.

Emad Mandour

I got an excellent service with Hospitalia

Mohamed Sherif

نشكر القائمين علي الخدمة لسرعه الأستجابه وبالأخص د. مايكل وجدي ممتاز ..وشكرا لكم

Safi Hakim

Very good Service, Very good consultants

Dr Amal ElTelbany

Thanks Hospitalia for the quality of service you provided me yesterday, I was very sick and my husband contacted you seeking support and your doctor was very good  and helpful.
Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

Doaa Wageeh

Very talented doctors with intelligent call center

Mohamed Aladdin

دكتور ممتاز و الخدمة روعة و سرعه الاستجابة هايلة

Yassmin Ihab

With love, I would recommend Hospitalia for home visits and medical care

Saeed Salah

شكرا جزيلا ليكم ولتعبكم معانا انهاردة بجد ربنا يبارك فيكم ويوفقكم وشكر خاص للميس مسؤولة للتمريض الي استحملت اليوم معايا وكانت متابعة معايا لحظة بلحظة

Doaa Khalel

خدمة ممتازة جدا والدكتور اكتر من ممتاز ووصل في الوقت بالظبط شكرا جدا جدا

Hend Hassan

They are there to help you in hard times

Dina El Kayaly

Immediate response experienced doctors and speedy home visits when in need..Thanks a million

Ola Fawzy

Very good and pretty helpful

Soha Abbas

I trust those doctors so I recommend them to make home visits

Gehad Abdelmoneem

خدمة رووووعه و سهلت علي ناس كتير  ربنا يجزيكم خير و بالتوفيق ان شاء الله

Amira Amer

ماشاء الله خدمات وعلاج طبيعي صح مع تحياتي للدكتور احمد قطب والدكتور احمد حسن

Karyak Ayab

خدمه مميزه جدآ

Noor Mohamed

التعامل معاكم هايل .. ناس ملتزمين جدا حتى في اصعب الاوقات .. نوعية الدكاترة محترمة جدا .. المسئولة عن التعامل مع العميل ممتازة.. اسعار الخدمات ممتازة.. كل حاجة ممتازة

Moshera Fakhry

مبدأيا انا احب اشكر القائمين علي المشروع العظيم دة و من ثم احب أني اؤكد علي حسن تعاملهم و حسن ردودهم و اهتمامهم ، الناس المسؤولة علي الواتس فاجؤني بمتابعة حالة والدتي و لكن للاسف كانت في الرعاية فماستفدتش بالخدمة  ولكن قريب جدا هتشرف بالتعامل معاهم..

Mohamed Mahmoud

Awards & Recognitions

Healthcare platform "Hospitalia" won the 1st place at the competition. The aim of this startup is to provide access to medical facilities any time at home!

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The most promising ventures will then be selected to participate in the Seedstars Summit 2020 in Lausanne, Switzerland and compete for the title of the Seedstars Global Winner.

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هوسبيتاليا لرعاية كبار السن طبياً يستهدف تغطية القاهرة والإسكندرية خلال عامين

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والموقع بيشتغل على مبدأ الحق في العلاج وتلقى رعاية صحية ممتازة في البيت، مش بس كده، كمان تقدروا تحصلوا على استشارات طبية من خلال التليفون

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The Cairo-based startup, which was founded earlier this year, provides on-demand access to primary care medical home services through certified healthcare practitioners!

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The first place prize went to Hospitalia, an integrated healthcare platform that provides access to top-of-the-line medical services at home, at any time of day.

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Frequently asked questions

Better care happens at home, with an in-person visit from a caring, licensed doctor, Explore the commonly asked questions about the services of Hospitalia.

What are the payment options available ?
You can pay through cash after receiving the services at your home also we accept online payments through credit cards .
How can I contact Hospitalia ?
If you got missed or not sure about the medical service you need you can request a customer service call through our app and a customer service agent will contact your for a help . you can rate each service your receive through Hospitalia app
Still not sure? request a call.
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How can I add medical files or Prescriptions ?
You can add all the files you need on your request through scanning your reports or files by scanning them through your mobile camera
How can I know the status of my request ?
You can follow up the status of your request and its updates through the notifications section also you will receive a confirmation through a phone call at your registered number from customer service agents
Who are the healthcare providers registered?
Hospitalia platform includes more than 500+ licensed healthcare providers with different specialties and experience you can review their profiles at :
What are the service fees?
You can review the service fees when you choose specific service through the app (Light green card) also you can review all our services fees at :
Service Fees
What are the free services available?
You can add all your medical data including history, medications, x-rays, chronic diseases and all your medical data to your SEHATY profile at Hospitalia app and use it as your electronic medical wallet

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